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Romania is south east of Central Europe, north of the Balkans, on the Lower Danube river, bordering the Black Sea. The boundaries are: in the east Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and the Black Sea, in the south: Bulgaria, in the south and southwest: former Yugoslavia, in the west: Hungary and in the north: Ukraine.

Area: 238,391 (12th position in Europe)
The relief: Mountains 31%, hills 33% and plains 36% - ideal for tourism. The country has also part of the Black Sea coast, beautiful rivers, about 2,300 lakes and over 1,150 ponds (2,650
The Danube river in the south of the country (length 1,075 km out of the total 2,850 km from its source to its flowing into the sea) is building the Danube Deltaon the Romanian territory. The beauty of the Danube Delta, its unique landscapes, its rich fauna etc. determined UNESCO to consider it a reservation of the biosphere.
Some of the main tourist spots in Romania are: the Bucovina (north part of the country) with the famous monasteries and churches with exterior frescoes dating back to the 16-th century and enlisted in the UNESCO patrimony, several large cities with rich medieval vestiges (Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov a.o.), the Bucegi Mountains with Poiana Brasov - ski resort, Maramures and the southern part of Transylvania with the beauty of very old traditions...
Population: 22,788,993 inhabitants (January 1992) with a density of 95,7 inhabitants per
The national flag - three equal vertical stripes - red, yellow and blue
The national anthem (you can hear it right now) is called "Awaken Thee, Romanian" and has been a song dear to the Romanians, giving them courage in the crucial moments. The message of the anthem is social and national at the same time; social because it imposes a permanent state of vigil meant to secure the passing to a new world; national because it gears this awakening to the historical tradition. The anthem proposes that sublime "now or never" with which the Greeks did fought at Marathon and Salamina and which is to be found in the French revolutionary Marseillaise.
Placed at the gates of the Orient, Romania is an oasis of Latinity in this part of Europe - the Romanian language, like Italian, is a Latin language.
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